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Safeguarding your people, assets and intellectual property - no matter how complex and making your job easier.

You would appreciate the fact that it takes a lifetime to build a business, but only a single, unguarded moment to lose it all. Whether you own a commercial enterprise or operate a school or government facility we offer solutions which spans from:


      ? Product Manufacturing.
      ? Project Engineering.
      ? System Design & Installation
followed by Maintenance & Servicing of these systems.


We survey your facility to assess the risks, threats and vulnerabilities and offer the technology that best suits your needs. Our open architecture facilitates integration with multi-vendor subsystems allowing you to have the freedom to choose working arrangements and get maximum value from your investment. read more



Deevee Solutions provide you a wide range of security equipments and services.

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Fire Detection & Notification

Every day we design fire detection and notification systems that uses the most innovative technologies in the most inventive ways. We choose products for our customers that are convenient to install, efficient to operate and offer the highest level of reliability.

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Fire Protection & Suppression

An unchecked fire can destroy people's lives and the life of your business. But even a small fire that is detected and extinguished before it can spread, can have devastating effects in a world where you and your customers can't afford to be offline.

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CCTV Video Surveillance

Surveillance is an integral part of every business even a small lapse may cause dangerous situations. Video surveillance and remote monitoring can be considered as an enhanced management tool that can be effectively used by various departments of an organization.

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Access Control & RFID

We offer access control systems using both simple and advanced systems as required by a facility to regulate the movement of people into and within a building - protecting your ideas, information and property.

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For more details, explore our website. Or email us at: sales@deeveesolutions.com



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