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Fire Detection & Notification


Innovation is more than an ideal; innovation is our way of life. Every day we design detection and notification systems that uses the most innovative technologies in the most inventive ways. We install products for our customers that are convenient to install, efficient to operate and offer the highest level of reliability. In other words, we make it our business to develop advanced ideas that deliver reliable solutions. A fire detection system is vital to getting a rapid response to a fire emergency. Our detection systems goes beyond the small device that senses smoke and triggers the alarm system.


Alarms and Notification Systems

Alarm systems are a must in any facility - alarms that alert building occupants of a fire and alarms that alert emergency public responders (police and fire) through a central station link so they can initiate a response. Today's systems have the ability to provide more information. They can do more than just tell that there has been an alarm in the building; they can be directed by the kind of alarm and where the alarm is. Systems now include speakers that provide alerts in place of (or in addition to) traditional bell-type alarms.


These speakers also can be used in emergencies other than fires to instruct and inform occupants of the situation. These voice-actuated systems include pre-recorded or live messages that play in the event of fire or another emergency. Typical pre-recorded messages tell occupants that an alarm has been sounded and that they should remain in their designated area for further instruction. Building management can then manually use the system to deliver additional information and prepare occupants for an evacuation, if necessary. There's a growing trend [where] the fire alarm system is being used for mass notification.


Alert systems can also open fire doors, recall elevators, and interface and monitor the installed suppression systems, such as sprinklers. The systems can also connect with a building's ventilation, smoke-management, and stairwell-pressurization systems - all of which are critical to life safety.


Not every system requires smoke control, but some systems absolutely would need it. Take a shopping mall, for instance. You would want to keep smoke contaminants and irritants away from people by moving the air for (about) half an hour to get people out of the area and evacuate them quickly and safely.








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