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It takes a lifetime to build a business, but only a single, unguarded moment to lose it all. Whether you own a commercial enterprise or operate a school or government facility, we offer solutions that can safeguard your people, assets and intellectual property - and make your job easier.


Designed to Fit Your Operation

We appreciate that security and safety is a long-term issue; it's continually changing nature calls for flexible solutions. We offer fire management and security solutions that can be customized to the needs of any facility, no matter how complex. Our offering is extensive. It spans from product manufacturing, project engineering, system design & installation and maintenance and servicing of these systems.

We offer technology that best suits your needs. Our open architecture facilitates integration with multi-vendor subsystems. You have the freedom to choose working arrangements and get maximum value from your investment. This reduces life cycle and operating costs.


Fire, accidents, natural disasters - trouble can strike at any time, with devastating effects on your people and your business. But it doesn't have to be that way. We at provide solutions that are a positive and proven to minimize your risk, help prevent property loss and ensure a safer environment for your people. The products provided by us are the best available gadgets ideal for detecting & suppressing smoke and fire and create a safe industrial or commercial environment.


Globally Recognized Brands

Our globally recognized brands made available through our partnership with World Leaders have proven effective in commercial, financial, residential and governmental institutions throughout the country.



Our Strength


Every day Deevee Solutions provide fire protection and detection systems that uses the most innovative technologies in the most inventive ways powered by a strong and experienced team of experts, analysts, engineers and mangers having all the technical abilities to innovate for a value driven approach for all our clients and partners across the globe.

Our in-house R&D department is manned by a team of experienced engineers from diverse fields such as electronics, software and mechanical having stringent procedure for quality control, adopted at every stage of the fabrication process, and ensure flawless production.


It makes sense to entrust your life safety and security solutions to us.



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